There is a great combination of the unique variety of natural elements , architecture , mode of life , ethnography , folk-lore , monuments of culture , historical sights – on a small territory in the very center of Balkans – this is BULGARIA !!!

The favorable natural conditions and the unique historical and cultural monuments are the main reasons for developing of untraditional types of tourism – environmental , rural and cultural tourism.

The environmental tourism gives the opportunity to tourists to take pleasure in natural wonders in places, which untouched by human civilized presence.

The variety of flora and fauna , the unique natural phenomena will compel everyone to forget temporarily about the load of civilization and will let you to plunge into new world round us.

The adherents of RURAL TOURISM will open numerous opportunities to discover rich cultural inheritance of the Republic Bulgaria.

You may open slightly for yourself the unique traditional Bulgarian handicrafts , as well as to feel an atmosphere of the Bulgarian profundity- village , which maintains its own authentic rich past.

The RURAL tourism is not only tourism, but it symbolized a man’s return to his forgotten eradicates.

Our land is very rich in its historical past, we have a lot of evidences about it , for example, the monuments of culture of national and regional importance. Seven from them were included in the list of world cultural and nature inheritance - UNESKO. They are the unique cultural monuments, which don’t have similar analogy in Europe and in the world.

The CULTURAL TOURISM is an opportunity to touch the monuments , which date their authentic essence from the Neolitic epoch .You’ll become acquainted with cultural history ,which was bequeathed by different tribes and people , inhabited these lands. You will see the complexes of settlements from the period of Bulgarian Renaisance.

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